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  • BABULAND, children's educational album

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    BABULAND, the musical coloring book for children ages 3-8. The lesson plan oriented coloring activity book includes crayons & a 15 song CD of some of the HOTTEST childrens music of ALL TIME!!! Featuring some of the Industry's BEST: SHANIAH JONES "TuTu's and Tennis Shoes", "Watch me get it", "I go to my Room", 13 (aka BRENT LEE CARTER) "Please & Thank You", "On My Way", "Sharing is Caring", TRUMPET JOHNNY "Counting Song". CREATED BY: KAHLIL GIBRAN, & RUBEN BAILEY ILLUSTRATIONS: RUBEN "BIG RUBE" BAILEY & EBONY WHITE (P)(C)2013-2018 THE SIXSENSE FOUNDATION consumer multimedia.